Vocal Coaching at AML Golden Voice Studio

Vocal Coaching with Antonio Lancuba Professional vocal coaching for singers, artists, actors and performers at AML Golden Voice Studio in South Melbourne, VIC.

Soloist performer and qualified teacher and master of 'Natural Vocal Production', Antonio Maria Lancuba, helps amateur and professional performers learn to sing powerfully and easily in all musical styles.

You can learn to sing Grand Opera, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Musicals, Operettas, Lieder, or any other musical style with projecting theatrical volume, perfect intonation and range flexibility.

Antonio's TOTAL 'Mother-Natural, Physiologically Strain-Free, Vocal Production' technique will make sure you avoid straining or damaging your voice through incorrect vocal approach and overuse. He can also help heal existing vocal ailments and problems so singers can perform more comfortably, happily and with greater satisfaction.

Vocal Coaching with Antonio Lancuba If you have been dissatisfied or confused by vocal coaching in the past, or you just want to improve your vocal technique, Antonio can help you make an exciting journey of discovery with your voice. With his teaching, you will learn to achieve maximum power and richness of tone, with minimum physical effort. Over many years of imparting singing lessons, Antonio has helped troubled vocalists to overcome a range of vocal problems and vocal health issues, including unnatural/faulty breathing, poor tone emission, pitching difficulties, incorrect jaw movement and jaw tension, laryngeal tension, stuttering, facial ticks, incorrect usage of the tongue, tongue tension, neck tension, body rigidity, and more.

For Natural Vocal Technique, Vocal Coaching, Voice Therapy and Speech Therapy, Antonio offers enjoyable, professional classes for Private Individual One-to-One and Open and Private Group Tuition. He also offers music classes with Solfeggio Sight-Singing, Musical Sight-Reading, Music Theory and Keyboards for performers wishing to strengthen their musical knowledge.

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Sevices: South Melbourne and Melbourne Suburbs
Mailing Address: 120A Bank St South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia
Phone (office): 61 3 9041 5191
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